in meiner musik schwimmen kinder aus wasserfarben und narwale aus chlorophyll. und irgendwann werde ich mich selbst, ganz heimlich und unbemerkt, nachts in wachs und honig eingießen. also sieh zu, dass wir uns noch als mensch begegnen. 

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SodL seit 02/02/2022
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18-year-old SodL was discovered at an open mic session at Austria’s most popular youth radio station FM4, where she performed her song “rosemary” live and talked about writing songs and recording them in her bathtub.

Her debut EP “flowers on the moon” is the embodiment of having a dream and believing unapologizingly in it until the seeds in your mind are nourished with faith and you make its buds slowly bloom into reality. It is the diversity of instruments and tone colours that allow to fully sink into her music. An inner child radiating its curiosity for life and everything that is brought with it, manifests in spherical and yet intimate compositions on the russian button accordion. Genres are limitless when Indie and Alternative are united with contemporary music. SodL produced her music by herself, it may not be the most flawless sound, and within its flaws it remains in unharmed purity.

“Whenever someone creates something with all of their heart, then that creation is given a soul.”