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Pianocean is above all a human project and encounters. This page is our link. I meet a lot of beautiful people along my way and I like to keep in touch with those who crossed our path. Your support as a fan ensures the continuity of this long-term musical and maritime project.

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Pianocean is an artistic and maritime project led by the piano and voice of
Marieke Huysmans-Berthou. Sailor, piano player and sonwriter, she sails from port to port to give concerts.

When each concert takes place, the piano is lifted from the back cabin to the deck by a customised system which transfoms the deck into a stage. An integral sound system has been installed onboard to enable performances for the public on the quay.

Each port of call is an inspiration for the singer. At the end of each sailing season, she records a new album. A mobile recording studio allows the singer to record songs all along the way. Every year, a new album is released. The songs are inspired by the life onboard, people met, local cultures and stories. Each album is like a musical travel diary. The songwritter often writes in the local languages, as a tribute to the places she discovers.