Leave & Love

Leave is the project of a music aficionado who learned music in the eighties and nineties. In the nineties Chris Burr was still active (autodidactic indie-punk-rocker) and then somehow 20 years off but nevertheless in contemporary music.

Burr is since end of the nineties booking agent and promotes international artists across Europe. Thus, he is pretty aware of current affairs but not everything new is good for him at once. He is above all still enthused of the indie-rock from the nineties.

In recent years the life offered an incentive to him to grab the guitar again to write songs. That a broken longtime relationship is source and with the first Leave album will find a barnstorming ending, you almost can imagine if you dive into songs of Leave.

With David Buballa Burr takes a congenial partner on board. Buballa contributes his producing skills and creativity to Leave which makes it right to release to the world after 1999.

'Leave' is the first EP Leave releases.

Indie-Rock is back | late 90s of the future | About leave and love

Recorded & produced at Moburec.Studio

Label: Moburec |

Label-Code: 85309


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