hi, I'm lauringer 🍪

Hi everyone, 

I'm Lauringer, music maker + cookie baker. 

I write songs about my quarter life crisis, imaginary conversations I should be having in real life and mesmerising everyday moments.

I was born in the land of apple strudel 🇦🇹, spent my early 20s eating stroopwafels 🇳🇱 and am currently exploring the impressive variety of franzbrötchen 🇩🇪 Hamburg has to offer.


I'm a self-deprecating coulda shoulda woulda enthusiast, a clumsy good catch, an openhearted pen friend, forever chasing the betterme

When I make music, I am inspired by modern day geniuses like Maggie Rogers, FINNEAS, Taylor Swift and Orla Gartland. When I don't make music, I am either eating food or preparing the food I am about to eat. 

Welcome to my Fanklub 🍪

Willkommen im Klub

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Born in Austria, based in Enschede and always on the move, Lauringer is a work in progress.

A traditional songwriter at heart, her songs tell stories, reflect, overthink, escape — sometimes adding more question marks than they answer. Her sound is multifaceted and situation-dependent. Solo-Lauringer is raw, intimate and cozy. Band- Lauringer is energetic, dramatic and hopeful. Studio- Lauringer is explorative, playful and bold.

The singer’s musical versatility mirrors her vibrant personality: A self-deprecating, clumsy, open- hearted, nonchalant twentysomething clinging to the last bits of her childish enthusiasm daring her to dream big. Everything is driven by her desire to make deep connections. There is no show without home-made cookies and notoriously long in-between song speeches. It’s all about heartfelt ‘I-get-it’s and indiscreet ‘been-there-done-that’s.

The result is a combination of the unapologetic drive of female forces such as Maggie Rogers, the bedroom production pioneers such as FINNEAS and the thought-provoking truth bombs of Carole King.