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JUNGLE JADE delves into the fluctuating mental states that come with trying to create roots in a new space. Crossing paths as fresh arrivals in Vienna, singer-songwriter Yelvilaa (from Ghana & Hong Kong) and guitarist Shari (from Iran) quickly became good friends and collaborators, forming the project as a way to process their experiences. 

An impromptu writing session led to intimate live shows and creative collaborations across the city, gaining the duo a newfound community who connected with their stories. JUNGLE JADE is staunchly vulnerable, refusing to shy away from the internal dissonance caused by migration, mental illness, ambition, heartbreak, healing - and the joys in between.

In December 2020, passionate supporters worldwide rallied together to make the duo's crowdfunding campaign for their first ever album an astonishing success. Produced by Austrian Apparel's Sebastian Wasner, JUNGLE JADE's self-titled album saw it’s long-awaited release on September 24th 2021.

This collection of songs is an emotive journey that swings from divine purpose to hopelessness, from fierce conviction to love lost. Through the creative process, JUNGLE JADE is able to access and articulate these realities. They connect with people who, like them, experience no fixed ‘home’ and invite them to find inspiration within the music.