Gosia Jasinska

Gosia Jasinska

Thank you for following and supporting my tiny world of music.

Kisses, Gosia

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Gosia Jasinska seit 07/12/2022
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In a chaotic world where everything seems to be falling apart, the passionate singer-songwriter Gosia works hard to get through the media noise to her audience. 

Tender, quiet, full of feelings and then again exploding like a force of nature with raw and dirty tones. 

Gosia Jasinska takes her audience on an emotional journey that guarantees goosebumps, because the musician from Szczecin understands the blues as a natural part of her own history and thus strives to win the hearts of her audience from the first to the last note. 

Her lyrics are lyrically and metaphorically ambiguous and lead the listeners to interpret the song individually.

 „Blossoms of Truth" is a rebellion against war and everything destructive or hurtful in our lives. While rebelling against stereotypes and pigeonholes, Gosia is the one who breaks the norm and tries to find other people to create a music- driven, rebellious community.