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Fanklub - The new platform for bands

  • Let your fans be part of your world.
  • Generate regular income on fair terms.

Fanklub operates transparently and fairly together with bands, DJs and musicians. Our ambition is to respond to your needs and ideas in the best possible way so that you and your fans can enjoy using the platform most effectively.

The platform is financed by 10% of the net membership fees. Minus taxes and transaction fees, the rest is passed on to you!

Let your fans
carry you!

Do you have something to say?

Your fans are here and they are listening!

Do you want to fly high?

Your fans are here to help!

Do you want to show who you are?

Your fans will be by your side!


Share your opinion with us!

We’re creating Fanklub for you, the bands, DJs and musicians.
Help us to design it according to your needs and ideas!

In times of Covid-19, have you thought about new financial models for your band?
Can you imagine posting exclusive content?
What are your expectation from Fanklub? (Multiple answers allowed)
Which features are important to you?
What do you think: How many of your social media followers would join your Fanklub for a monthly fee of € 1.99?
Do you think 1.99 € is a good monthly fee for your fans?
Are there any unanswered questions or do you understand the intent and idea?
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  • What is Fanklub?

    Fanklub is the new platform for bands and fans!
    As a band, DJ or musician, you can create your own Fanklub page in no time, free of charge and with no programming skills - as website and app. All basic information, such as live dates and videos, can be found by everyone free of charge. Fans can access exclusive content, such as live streams, news and raffles, by joining your Fanklub, which starts at €1.99 per month. As an all-in-one solution, Fanklub combines the functions of a classic band website with the features of crowdfunding models. With Fanklub you will have a perfect fanbase management tool and will be able to generate a solid monthly income, because 90% of the fan contributions are passed on to you.

  • Who is Fanklub for?

    We, the founders of Fanklub, are passionate music lovers and want to create a new platform where the music is in the foreground. Unlike other social payment platforms, Fanklub is all about the bands, DJs, musicians and their fans! This allows us to explicitly address specific needs.

    From absolute newcomers to established artists: everyone is welcome in the Fanklub. Age, genre and origin do not play a role. Fanklub stands for openness, diversity and tolerance. Sexist, racist, homophobic or political extremist content is not tolerated. And of course, Fanklub is mainly for your fans!

  • When does Fanklub launch?

    We are currently working at full speed and hope to be able to launch in early summer 2021. We are aware of the current difficult situation and want to open up our new platform to you as soon as possible. Until then, we would appreciate your input: Take part in the survey to help us create Fanklub according to your needs and contact us, if you have any questions.

  • Is there a registration fee for bands? 

    No, registration as a band is and will remain free of charge. We will not include any hidden costs in the future. All provided features, tools and functions are free to use.

  • How can we as a band earn money with our Fanklub?

    Your fans pay a minimum monthly subscription starting at €1.99. If they want, they can pay more. Minus the mandatory VAT and transaction fees, 90% of the fan contributions are passed on to the bands, DJ and musicians. Fanklub is financed by 10% of the net sales.

  • How much does a fan membership cost?

    For the minimum amount of €1.99 per month, your fans get access to your Fanklub. In addition, membership is based on the pay-what-you-want principle. Your fans decide for themselves how much money they can and want to pay you. A membership can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

  • What kind of features will Fanklub offer?

    Whether newsfeed, direct live streams, a poll and raffle tool, a newsletter function or a messenger service: We want to provide you with many exciting tools for communicating with your fans and develop them further together with you.

  • What content can be viewed without being a member of our Fanklub?

    Your basic information like a short introduction or a welcome video, tour dates, photos and music videos are freely accessible for every user. The exclusive content will only be unlocked by a membership in the respective Fanklub.