This is Fanklub

The new platform for bands and fans


Fanklub is the new digital platform where bands, DJs and musicians can communicate with their fans in the best possible way and also generate a stable income. After opening their own club for free, fans sign up for a membership for which they pay €1.99 per month - or voluntarily more. 90% of this money goes to the bands. Every month. Regardless of whether or not a pandemic is currently ruining the tour.

How do the fans benefit?
With their Fanklub membership, fans get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite bands, experience livestreams, and participate in raffles and surveys. Anyone interested in the handwritten setlist from last night? And which venue should we actually play next time? You can also write directly to the band via Messenger, you can't get any closer than that. See you backstage...

How do the bands benefit?
It needs the Fanklub, because the bands get back more than just a like: The usual social networks demand financial investment to reach all the followers. But the fans want to know what's happening! So let's turn the tables: At Fanklub, every contribution reaches every fan. At Fanklub, the bands receive the well-deserved appreciation, also for the work they already do besides the music. And through Fanklub, the bands earn money. Unfortunately, this has not been as easy as it sounds. But during the pandemic, a sensitivity has developed among fans that air and love are not enough to pay for a studio every two years.

Who brought Fanklub to life?
We, the three founders of Fanklub — Andreas Jantsch, Arne Thamer und Sebastian Król — have been part of the independent music scene for many years. Since 2005 Andreas has been running the Viennese indie label LasVegas Records that also offers tour buses and rehearsal rooms for rent. In 2017, Arne and Sebastian started the music company Backseat in Hamburg, a PR agency and indie label. In addition Backseat is responsible for the booking of NORDEN Festival in Schleswig. What the three of us share most is a closeness to the musicians and bands and the desire to support them in professional marketing and their passion for music. We strive to further this ethos with Fanklub.

"The three of us are united by our closeness to musicians and bands and the urgent desire to support them in their passion for music and professional marketing. We hope to be able to contribute a part to this with the Fanklub!"

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