How I start my Fanklub


Welcome to the Fanklub rehearsal room,


on this page you can find tips & tricks for your Fanklub. Get some inspiration for content and advice on how fans become your Fanklub members.





Inspiration for your Fanklub!

  • The first steps

    1. Even if there are no fans at the beginning: Create your first post in the Fanklub!
    Example: "Welcome to the club and thank you for your support. There will be more from us here very soon, stay tuned!"

    2. Let your fans and followers know that you Fanklub exists.
    Example: "Dear newsletter/Instagram/Facebook friends, we have started a Fanklub! Become a member for 1,99 € / month and get exclusive insights into our band life. 90% of your contributions go dirctly to us, especially in this time a valuable support!"

    3. Your Fanklub strategy - your pace

    Unlike other social media platforms, you set the pace of your Fanklub. There is no algorithm that requires you to produce content every day. Find your own pace and the content you enjoy and want to share with your fans. You'll see: Fans will appreciate your authenticity and that energy will transfer to you. To start, a monthly repeating format is recommended. That way, fans will know what to expect at the club and you'll get into a routine.
    Example: "Every month I share a demo with you. On Instagram & TikTok, I'll only show a teaser - if you want to see the whole video, follow me to the club!"

    4. Create incentives!
    Example: "Join our Fanklub now. We will send the first 50 fans a personal greeting card as a thank you. In addition, we will raffle off the signed test pressing of our new album among all fans who register by XX.XX!"

  • Set goals for yourself

    For many, the Fanklub model may be new and "unlearned". Take the time to explain it to your friends and fans. Not everyone will join right at the beginning. Have some patience, it will be worth it. Maybe you can get the first 10 fans to join in the next 3 months? Start with your family and friends, they will surely want to support you!

    We believe that at least 5% of your social media followers will become members of your Fanklub.
    Wirh 5,000 followers on Instagram & co, that would be at least 250 fans and you would earn 300 € every month.

  • Use your existing channels

    Post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or in the newsletter why you joined Fanklub and why you would love for your fans to become members.
    Examples: Direct financial support of your art / Safe space for everyone who is really interested in the band / Facebook is no longer fun and prevents organic reach / ...

    Explain to your followers what they can expect in your Fanklub.
    Same ideas follow on the next page!

  • Repeating formats

    Repeating formats helps you avoid having to think about what you want to share with your fans every week. This provides structure and also encourages the fans to come to the club regularly. A few inspirations:

    • Rehearsal day: Take your fans 1x/month to the band rehearsal! Via livestream, photos or video clips of the funniest moments and good sessions.
    • Weekly Message: Maybe you like to share every Sunday night what's on your mind this week or what you've been working on? Or you post every week a song that accompanied you in the past days?
    • Behind The Lyrics: A typical case of: The fans burning for it, but it's too in-depth for platforms like Instagram or TikTok. What inspired you to write the lyrics? Start a discussion with your fans in the comments.
    • Raffle: By using the raffle feature, you signal to your fans that their membership at Fanklub is worthwile! You could regularly give away a small merch item, concert tickets, or a private video call.
  • Livestream

    At Fanklub it is possible to go live with just one click, without roundabout ways and directly via the platform! Especially in pandemic times a nice tool to stay in touch with the fans:

    • Living rooms concert: A special fan moment even without much equipment. To encourage fans to join the fan club, you could start the stream on Instagram and continue the second half exclusively at Fanklub.
    • Q&A: Fans can ask questions during the livestream via the comment function. Maybe you'll play a song on the guitar at the end? Also great as a repeating format!
    • Live from the rehearsal room: Just set up a cell phone camera in the reheasal room and let your fans follow the session. Maybe they have an idea what the new song could be called?
  • Behind the scenes

    Engage in an interaction with your fans or let them be part of the creative process. And if you like, share insights with them that you only learn at Fanklub:

    • Get to know us: Share fun facts about the band & crew that few people know.
    • Tutorials: I'll show you how to play our new song on the guitar!
    • Chats: Shares funny message from the band´s groupchat.
    • Backstage: What is your ritual before going on stage? What can't be missing backstage?
    • Behind The Scenes: How was the music video produced? Maybe there are pictures or short videos from the shoot?
    • Artwork: Let your fans vote: Which cover design do they like better?
    • Setlist: Let the fans decide: Which song you have to play at the next show?