Reeperbahnfestival meets Fanklub

Do you know what’s starting today? The 16th edition of the Reeperbahn Festival. With the severe lack in festivals last year we wouldn’t miss it for the world, so not only will we be present, Fanklub is hosting two showcases at this years Reeperbahn Festival.

Kick off at Grüner Jäger

We start our evening at 18:00 o’clock with a reception presented by Fanklub. The Hamburg music agency Backseat and Fanklub, the new digital platform for bands and fans, invite you to a joint showcase at Grüner Jäger.

Three bands are already looking forward to entering the stage: Roosmarijn starts at 19:00 o’clock with experimental, melodic pop. The singer-songwriter from Arnhem focuses on subtle harmonic changes, fluctuating between chamber music and electronic experiments. She is followed by indie pop at its finest. Originally known through YouTube, Blanks is now an indispensable part of Dutch radio stations. We are confidently predicting that this will soon be a fact in Germany as well. The Cool Quest concludes with pure joie de vivre and soul in the Grüner Jäger. For over ten years they have been among the most accomplished live performers in the Netherlands when it comes to hip-hop with maximum positive vibes. A worthy conclusion for the first day, isn’t it?

Continue to the playground

On Thursday we move on to Spielbudenplatz. Reception presented by Fanklub, the second take so to speak, starts at 18:30 o’clock. This time Las Vegas Records invites you and brings you the opportunity to get to know the Fanklub team better, of course once again accompanied with excellent music. ELIS NOA aka Elisa Godino and Aaron Hader are the first to take the stage. On their debut album, the Viennese duo let themselves be guided entirely by their feelings and thus created electric pop without any limits. Next up: Ro Bergman. The Austrian musician brings his EP “HI-Lo”, released only last week, in which he gives very intimate insights into his emotional world, between highs and lows, euphoria and melancholy. And last, but definitely not least we have the wonderful PIPPA for you. Her new EP “Lifestream” will be released on September 24th, who knows, maybe she already plays some new songs for you?

Besides our showcases and the acts that will provide you with great music there, there are of course many other projects and artists worth seeing at the Reeperbahn Festival. For example, we can recommend Atzur, who are also playing on Wednesday, and for Friday we are really looking forward to seeing Annie Taylor.

And apart from the outstanding musicians and the much-missed festival feeling, we are of course looking forward to seeing you, so come and get to know the fan club team personally.