Fanklub brings sun-soaked surfrock from Hamburg to Cologne

In just under two months, this year’s c/o pop starts in Cologne, and Highcoast will be there. The surf rock band managed to secure the Fanklub slot and will share the festival line-up with greats like Bilderbuch, Buntspecht or C’est Karma.

Once again, c/o pop will turn our favourite city on the Rhine into one single celebration from April 20th to 24th. The musicians will not only perform on the usual concert stages, but also in unusual locations such as shops and boutiques spread throughout the city.

As part of the c/o Ehrenfeld, the festival offers not only music, but also numerous other pop cultural events. And, on Saturday, April 23rd, an entire district will open its doors for live music, where Highcoast will bring you musical sunshine from Australia via Hamburg to Cologne. The band from Northern Germany has its origins Down Under and has brought their surfer road trip attitude from there. Transformed into energetic songs with dirty vintage sound, but always laid-back attitude. A varied mix of roughness and sweetness that brings summer and good vibes to every stage.

We’re already looking forward to it. You too? Then come join us there.