200 days on Fanklub x Recap von Black Sea Dahu

Die Schweizer Band Black Sea Dahu haben ihre ersten 200 Tage im Fanklub in einem Video rekapituliert.

Sängerin Janine Cathrein drückt es so aus:
„We have established a small community of passionate hardcore fans [...], it's pure and genuine love and support. We're meeting in this small circle of cool people contrary to social media which often feels like it swallows you up.“

Und weiter: „I think it provides a direct way for fans to give back to us. It already makes a huge difference in our lives - it pays our bills literally. We can pay our bandroom bill, we can pay our warehouse bill. It makes our lives easier and has a real impact.“

Zu den Herausforderungen sagt sie:
„I think the biggest challenge remains to confidently tell people about Fanklub and encourage them to join, because it feels like begging most of the time. Which is weird, because it's the most logical thing as an artist to want to strengthen this connection to your fans, to your crowd. It's the most important aspect of our future as artists.“

Janine fasst es abschließend wie folgt zusammen:
I experience Fanklub as a means to bridge the gap in this fan-artist relationship and it makes a deeper connection. For me as an artist as well - I get to take part in the live of my fans and in this connection that they have with my music.“

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