Our best fan moment extended – highcoast

Are you already looking forward to summer? After the last cold farewell greetings of winter, the festival season can finally get off to a good start. Since Wednesday, for example, the c/o pop in Cologne is in full swing, where Fanklub is of course present and, even better, highcoast is also on site. The Hamburgers will release their new EP tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd, then take over the Fanklub instagram account and take you with them when they rock das Werk Haus on Saturday as part of the c/o Ehrenfeld! Reason enough to introduce the guys in a ‘Our best fan moment’ extended.

So how could one describe highcoast? A mix of roughness and sweetness that brings summer and good vibes – sounds like just the right thing to herald the warm and thus the festival season. The band from Hamburg, which started in Australia, tells us about their best fan experience, their new EP “Sunday Cravings” and of course their Fanklub.

Totally sweaty in Bournemouth

As their best fan moment so far, highcoast describe a live performance before the pandemic, during their UK tour 2019, which also took them to larger cities. However, a concert in a bar in a small coastal town stood out. Florian told us about it:

“We love small intimate club shows. Both as a spectator and as a band. The best concerts we have experienced so far have always been in small, ragged, smoky bars or smaller clubs. We always like to mention our favorite Hamburg club, the Molotow, in which we have seen many awesome shows of newcomer bands. Hanging out with the bands afterwards and drinking beer at the counter is the best. That’s just as important to us as a band when we play gigs. We experienced our first big fan moment on our little England tour 2019, before Corona started. We played in bigger cities like London, but the sickest show was in the small coastal town of Bournemouth, where we fit in well with our sun-soaked surfrock style. The bar where we played was full and we didn’t expect anyone over there to know us at all. Most of the audience probably didn’t, but they understood what our music is all about, which is not to take ourselves too seriously, but to dance with us and just to have a good time. After the gig our very sweaty selves went to sign CD's and T-shirts and the enthusiastic bar owner told us that he had never seen such a wild show in his venue.”

Sunday cravings and medleys

Makes you want to go to small, sweaty live gigs, doesn’t it? Fortunately, highcoast will be able to satisfy this need on Saturday because they will take over the Fanklub slot at the c/o pop in Cologne. At the festival in the beautiful town on the Rhine, entire city areas are transformed into festival grounds, which naturally leads to numerous locations that are perfect for just such a performance. highcoast for example will play at das Werk Haus, which produces handmade unisex clothing according to the zero waste principle.

And to add to it all, highcoast even have new music for you. Their new EP “Sunday Cravings” will be released tomorrow, and the guys have already revealed that we will hear some new songs live on Saturday. The EP itself consists of six songs that herald a new chapter for the band. More melancholy and a more mature sound reflect the development of the band in recent years. But that doesn’t mean that the basic idea behind the band, the idea behind highcoast has changed. With all the maturity “Sunday Cravings” is still sunny surfrock with the familiar, sometimes almost reckless positivity.

Last week the Hamburgers already released a medley of the EP on their Fanklub, small excerpts from the songs that leave a bittersweet, partly depressed, but also hopeful impression without losing their sunny nature. And no promise, but if you’re lucky, some records or a test press will be given away on their Fanklub in the coming days.

So there’s a lot to do in the coming days for the surf rockers from Hamburg: new release, festival appearance and Instagram takeover, where you can follow everything. And for those of you from Cologne who don’t have plans yet on Saturday – go to das Werk Haus zu highcoast, admission is free!