Say it with music - ROUDE

Happy, sweaty and out of breath – that’s how we all want to leave a concert evening, right? Which of his songs ROUDE would recommend for this, he tells you in our first ‘Say it with music’ 2022! You can now get to know the young musician from Essenbach better with the help of his taste in music:

1. The van is packed up, the tour starts!

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape

That’s just my absolute good mood song. Since I’m very happy and excited in these moments, this song is just perfect to start the tour and sing along loudly during it. This way, the tour is sure to be fun!

2. When you’re lovesick

wavvyboi – blister - acoustic

In a continuous loop. The song just helps to release all emotions and frees me of the last remnants of sadness, which makes me feel much better after some time.

3. One hit that was #1 in the charts the year you were born

Aerosmith – I don‘t wanna miss a thing

Only thing I can say is that the song is extremely good. Unfortunately, I have some serious memory gaps that particular year.

4. The venues reports “Sold out!”

White Comic – This Aint The End of Me

This is very good news, so we simply need to celebrate. The song is the perfect good mood song and an insider in our team, which is why we always go crazy on the song - which is definitely appropriate in this situation.

5. The song that should be played at your funeral

AS IT IS – My Oceans were Lakes

A very emotional song, which has helped me in many situations. Since I really love it, it would be the song for my funeral.

6. Your favorite track from the first record you bought yourself

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

My first self-purchased CD and just a great song, what else can I say? I was overjoyed after finally holding it and practicing my very first headbangs to the record at home.

7. Against stage fright right before the concert

Nothing,nowhere. – Pieces of You

When the song is playing and I sing along by heart, the stage fright falls, because I know that I am also text-safe with my own songs. So, nothing can happen anymore.

8. One song from the first, real concert you attended as a fan

AC/DC – Spoilin‘ for a Fight

In 2009 I was at my first concert, which was AC/DC with the Black Ice Tour in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. It was truly amazing, especially for my first concert ever.

9. Against creative writer's block

I don’t have a special song for that. I just listen to different genres and at some point I usually get an idea for the next line.

10. Your guilty pleasure

I have several, namely the complete longplayers “Schrei” and “Zimmer 483” by Tokio Hotel. I was already a big fan back then and still think the old songs are cool. In addition, there are memories linked to each track, which is why these two albums are my guilty pleasure.

11. When you’re really angry

When I’m really angry, I don’t listen to music. I prefer to watch movies or TV shows to distract me.

12. One song that you can sing by heart from start to finish

Wir sind Helden – Nur ein Wort

It’s just THE song of my childhood. I associate so many memories of cool summers and exciting experiences with it. Since it has accompanied us so many times, I will always be able to sing this song by heart.

13. The last number at the after show party backstage

Robbie Williams – Supreme

This song is, in my opinion, the epitome of the last song at a party.

14. When you’re head over heels in love

Chase Atlantic – Molly

For me, this song gives and strengthens the feeling of being in love.

15. An insider tip

youareslowlykillingme – Pille gegen Einsamkeit

An absolutely awesome song for a good mood. I play this song almost every day and every time I hear it, I just feel the urge to experience something new and exciting.

16. One of your songs for an encore

ROUDE – Candy

This song is perfect to go off again one last time and end the evening or the show happy, sweaty and out of breath.