Say it with music - You and the Whose Armies

© Florin Stanzer

The dear boys of You and the Whose Armies released their first album two weeks ago, last week they rocked the B72 with it and they still found time to create a playlist for Say it with music. So, a lot to celebrate. You can listen to the album here, for more insides into the band head here and for a glimpse into the personal musical taste of the four just keep on reading:

1. The van is packed up, the tour starts!

Riz Ortolani - I Giorni Dell'Ira

This brings the best “Through Tuscany/Praie driving feeling”

2. When you’re lovesick

Scout Niblett – Kiss

So beautifully imperfect. You really have to get involved in it a little bit, it’s hard to just hear in the background. „A kiss could have killed me if it were not for the rain”(!)

3. The venue reports “Sold out!”

Lützenkirchen – 3 Tage wach

This song always works, even if it is not so well known.

4. The song that should be played at your funeral

Peter Licht – Kopf zwischen Sterne

Does this mean we’re all going to die together? Then “Kopf zwischen Sterne”. Peter Licht’s songs are so pure, hardly anyone can reach him in German-speaking countries.

5. Your favorite track from the first record you bought yourself

Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia

From “American Idiot”, an intense song and apparently punk’s “Bohemian Rhapsody. ”

6. Against stage fright right before the concert

Enya – Only Time

7. One song from the first, real concert you attended as a fan

Arctic Monkeys – When the Sun goes down

2007 at Frequency, back then in Salzburg and still with good acts.

8. Against creative writer's block

Harry Nilsson – Coconut

Like some kind of mantra. You can’t really find yourself. And that’s good.

9. Your guilty pleasure

Johannes Brahms – Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5

10. When you’re really angry

Anastacia – Left Outside Alone

11. One song that you can sing by heart from start to finish

Gigi D’Agostino – Bla Bla Bla

Not easy, but it works.

12. An insider tip

Breakfast of Champions – das Schönste

The song is pretty secret and it’s only available on Soundcloud, but it’s worth it.

13. One of your songs for an encore

You and the Whose Armies – Kira’s New Sweater

If nothing matters anymore → KNS