Say it with music - Mina Richman

“Mom, I am a rich man” – Well, who knows who that quote came from? Cher, of course. Her response to her mother’s statement that one day she should settle down and marry a rich man has almost achieved cult status. The quote is also part of the inspiration for the Mina Richman, the stage name of 23-year-old Mina Schelpmeier. And, independence and a critical attitude towards classic gender roles can be found not only in the origin of her name, but also in her music and texts.

The young solo artist released the first single of her debut EP a couple of weeks ago, and today she has the music video for "Bad Girls" for you. Because who doesn’t love them Bad Girls? In the song and in the video, Mina tells us a story about one of those girls, surrounded by splendor, art and love and Mina looking stunning in suits.

Want to know more about Mina Richman? The video is now available everywhere, you can find out which music Mina listens to personally in our latest “Say it with Music” and you can click here to check out her Fanklub.

1. One hit that was #1 in the charts the year you were born

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Eh – I’m not really a titanic fan.

2. The song that should be played at your funeral

Nina Simone – Feeling Good

The song has been with me for a long time and I hope that when I die one day, as we all do, it will be in the best possible way – without any open bills. Feeling Good.

3. Your favorite track from the first record you bought yourself

P!nk – Crystal Ball

When I was a teenager, I listened to P!nk almost exclusively. I was absolutely fascinated by her voice and although she is known for rebellious pop, I especially love the reduced songs with only guitar or piano. You can tell how good she really is. Also, “Crystal Ball” gets me totally lyrically. It’s a mixture of world pain and the realization that you’re flawed.

4. Your guilty pleasure

Shirin David

Shirin David! I like a few of her songs. “Ich darf das” is just such a hype song. But I also think “Babsi Bars” is absolutely great and I listen to it often these days:

Die deklarier'n ein'n Minirock zu maximaler Schande
Doch 'ne Frau mit Grips im Kopf wird abgetan zu 'ner Emanze“

Translation: They declare a mini skirt to maximum shame. But a woman with brains is turned into an women’s libber. Love It.

5. When you’re really angry

Nica Vega – Fury Oh Fury

The vowels are just so charged with anger; I can really fall into the emotion while singing along.

6. One song that you can sing by heart from start to finish

Kae Tempest – Europe Is Lost

In my opinion, Kae Tempest has released one of the best concept albums ever with “Let Them Eat Chaos”. “Europe Is Lost” gets me in every way. The lyrics are so good that I just listened obsessively to the song for weeks until I knew all the lyrics.

7. The last number at the after show party backstage

Eric Clapton – After Midnight

The slightly different party anthem.

8. When you’re head over heels in love

Rosie Lowe – Birdsong

This song is simply sexy af.

9. An insider tip

Joan as Police Woman – Run For Love

Everything from Joan as Police Woman – I’m a huge fan of Joan and I’m always surprised that she’s not better known. She plays on the 13.03. in Berlin and on the 25.03. in Hamburg, I will see you there! If I have to make up my mind, it’s probably “Run For Love”. But the whole “The Deep Field” album has a very special place in my heart.

10. One of your songs for an encore

Mina Richman – Jaywalker

The song will be officially released on May 6th as the title track of my EP. My concerts are always a nice journey from quiet songs to danceable tracks, I talk a lot in between and usually (ideally) people laugh a lot and in the end it doesn’t matter because “Jaywalker” is just a kind of song that brings everyone together.