Say it with music - BRTHR

© Luzie Marquart

BRTHR, pronounced like Brother, usually provide you with peaceful, understated Americana folk straight from Stuttgart. On Fanklub the band around Philipp Eissler and guitarist Joscha Brettschneider decided to give you a little insight into their personal taste in music.

1. The van is packed up, the tour starts!

Bill Withers – Kissing My Love

This one by Bill Withers for example. To be honest, it almost doesn’t matter which song, as long as it is by Bill Withers.

2. When you’re lovesick

Daniel Norgren – Are We Running Out of Love?

Actually, with almost any kind of pain, we recommend this song.

3. One hit that was #1 in the charts the year you were born

Prince – Batdance

1989. Prince and Batman! I don’t even really like this song, but the combination and absolute craziness of it edged out its competition.

4. The song that should be played at your funeral

Hiss Golden Messenger – Jesus Shot Me in the Head

A song you would have liked to write yourself. Maybe one of the best songs ever...

5. Against stage fright right before the concert

Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue

Best to pick something relaxed for stage fright, which at the same time also makes you want to play the guitar.

6. One song from the first, real concert you attended as a fan

Seeed – Top of the City

Not completely sure, if it was THE first one, but the concert by Seeed was definitely one of the first ones. Their first record had just been released.

7. Against creative writer's block

Joni Mitchell – I had a King

So much creativity should last for more than one lifetime. If you don’t feel inspired after this, you should be truly worried about yourself.

8. Your guilty pleasure

TLC – Waterfalls

Probably not truly a guilty pleasure, maybe just something people wouldn’t expect. But this song is the bomb!

9. One song that you can sing by heart from start to finish

Led Zeppelin – Communication Breakdown

This is probably true for all tracks from the first five Led Zeppelin albums. So how about this song:

10. The last number at the after show party backstage

J.J.Cale – Lies

Lies, lies, lieeeeeeees....