New project on the horizon – mehrYEAH

© Eckehard Braun

A lot of wit, but also serious themes, DIY attitude and dedication – that’s how you could describe mehrYEAH, consisting of Andreas Hagemann and Armin Koch. The two musicians work as sound engineers, come from the film industry, and met during a shoot. There they discovered their shared interest in music and it was agreed that Armin would send some beats to see if the chemistry really matched. And while the mail itself took a bit longer than anticipated, it was Love at first beat.

Of tractors and men’s bald spots

Two of the original three tracks are already in use, the third will follow. Since then, the two have been on the road under the name mehrYEAH, Andreas writes and Armin makes the beats. The first songs have already been released, dealing with tractors and men’s baldness, current political events and the need for lifeboats. There is always a self-produced video, as the two of them know their way around the equipment.

This week, the next single “Süssstoff” follows, in which Hagemann wants to cover a very serious subject. He talks about his own experiences with depression. The song was originally written in 2007 and tells us autobiographically about his low points and the subsequent long journey back to so-called normality. It is particularly important for the two of them to generate attention for the currently rising suicide rate among men, since men, unlike women, do not usually seem to seek help.

In general, the two want to deal with current problems, create attention for serious issues and produce music with a lot of humor and wit. But first and foremost is the fun of creating and sharing music. “It’s not that we just want to deal with problems with mehrYEAH. Not at all! We primarily want to deliver fat beats and interesting lyrics that are also danceable”, says Hagemann.

Their first album, which is to be released in spring 2022, is supposed to combine all this and thus embody the new project of Andreas Hagemann and Armin Koch: “There’s everything, from the very funny to the very profound.” We’re already looking forward to it.