New music from Fanklub

Fancy some new music? We have got you covered. In the coming weeks, our Fanklub musicians will release loads of first class music. So get out your headphones, new singles, EPs and LPs are waiting for you! This time with You and the Whose Armies, Danny Bianchi, Karwendel, mehrYeah and Frollein Smilla.

You and the Whose Armies


12th November 2021

Unspent, hungry and sometimes slightly off track – that’s how You and the Whose Armies described themselves. With their debut album “Katauna Kata”, the four young musicians bring you fresh rock'n'roll straight from Vienna, including catchy lyrics and even catchier bass lines. What does Katauna Kata mean? That, we can’t tell you, but the album will go straight to your ears, and it literally gets under your skin (see album cover). Give it a listen and start rocking!

Danny Bianchi

Facce Di M

12th November 2021

Known as one of Vienna’s U-Bahn Stars and from several other musical projects, Danny Bianchi has become an integral part of Vienna’s cityscape. The singer-songwriter is originally from Milan and brings a bit of Italian flair to the German-speaking world. His latest single “Facce Di M” is no exception. In the video for the single, he walks about Vienna with his guitar and reckons in Italian with bullies and false friends who want to hold you back in life.


Im Lichte der Zeit

26th November 2021

Time does not pass in a straight line, sometimes it flows slowly and tenaciously, sometimes it literally slips through your fingers. The Hamburg singer-songwriter Sebastian Król alias Karwendel manages to use this timelessness and lets it flow directly into his debut album “Im Licht der Zeit”. With poetic lyrics and arrangements, which combine piano, violin, clarinet and saxophone in addition to the classic band arrangement of guitar, bass and drums, he creates his own little world, in which you can feel truly timeless.



26th November 2021

Andreas Hagemann and Armin Koch just revealed their new project mehrYEAH. The two Austrians want to use humour and wit to deal with current events as well as shine a light on serious issues. “Süssstoff”, the next single from their upcoming debut album, belongs to the latter category. Andreas Hagemann aka MCHg talks openly and honestly about his own experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts. He hopes to create more attention for this problem with this single and perhaps also help someone to come out of a similar phase.

Video Süssstoff

Frollein Smilla


03rd December 2021

Stylistic restrictions? Frollein Smilla don't need any of that. On their third album, they continue to surprise with new elements and play with expectations. Sophisticated arrangements consisting of acoustic and electric guitars, rhythm and brass section and the distinctive, smoky - sensitive lead voice keep coming together in new constellations and create "GREAT DISASTER": sometimes in German, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes quiet and caressing, sometimes loud and overwhelming. Let yourself be surprised.