Take off with Juri Volta, Fanklub and 100t Kerosin

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Juri Volta is a small town hero who enjoys life to the fullest. For you and all those who don’t have enough courage or time to do it themselves. And that’s why he plunges head first into crazy adventures.

After a successful start with the first single "Molotowcocktail", the second single "100t Kerosin" will be released on March 18th, 2022. In the indie anthem Volta sings of big dreams and takes off like Yuri Gagarin on 100 tons of kerosene. He’s not afraid to die, he’s just afraid of not living. In a poetic way, he directs the gaze to the everyday things of life and makes small things big. Juri knows that life offers more than just being the first human being in space.

And he already has something special planned for you this week. On Friday, his new single can be heard exclusively in his Fanklub a week before the official release. So become a fan now and listen to 100t Kerosin before everyone else!

Below you can already find the first small excerpt: