eine farbe, schlafendes kind – poetic music by sodL

Acoustic music, flowing poetry, a single and a place – sodL just released “eine farbe, schlafendes kind”. The young artist from Upper Austria has recently started her Fanklub where you can explore the gap between fantasy and magic that sodL combines in her songs. For you and us she painted a picture as to where the new music will take you:

“eine farbe, schlafendes kind”, a single with three songs is out today! It is quite different to everything I’ve released before. For the first time ever, I recorded an instrumental piece on the button accordion. This single is a place where indie and expressionism are connected and complement each other in a strange but subtle way. Originally, I just needed somewhere to store my grief. Her, I and the lake, a love triangle that tasted like a honey-covered slice of bread, but when the hypotenuse extends, the lake tries its best to hold us together – so, “have you seen a lake in Vienna?” I have found ours again, and if I could swim in its clouds right now, I would.

The second song, name giver of this single, is a fairy tale, a wooden cabin in the forest, it is a place to be a child and to be proud to still dream in watercolours. La conteuse, a still subject observes its surrounding motion, day after day, and all “la conteuse” does is imagining stories about everything happening around her. Can you hear the woman with the pointed nose and the cinnamon-eyes boy? How the dragon glides through the air and carefully lands at the end? I’m sitting on its back, with my jasper’s hat on and shout, “it’s yours now!”