New at Fanklub: Black Sea Dahu


Already 100 bands have founded their own clubs to communicate with their fans there. In September, Black Sea Dahu, Annie Chops and Paula Carolina, well-known artists from Switzerland and Germany, joined the club!

Black Sea Dahu have a long European tour behind them with their current album "I Am My Mother" and already have a new EP in the starting blocks. Annie Chops was just allowed to open Mark Forster's shows and Paula Carolina is one of the most exciting newcomers of the local indie scene.

"Fanklub can provide us with a small basic income. Touring in new countries and unpaid songwriting periods are hardly financially sustainable even for successful acts, as incomes are very low and not constant. The subscribers allow us time to write songs, in return we get real talk about the musician's life, guest list places, exclusive insights behind the scenes and into the creation of new songs and much more." Janine Cathrein, Black Sea Dahu

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