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Hey everyone! I'm Emma Philine and welcome to my Fanklub!

If you are into intimate home recordings, fancy pictures and general shitposting you are in the right place! 

I'll be sharing lots of secret goodies with ya'll and will make sure to read every comment <3

My debut EP 17 2 20 will be released on January 07. 

So there's a lot of BTS Footage in my camera roll haha

I started this Fanklub to find a better way to interact with my closest fans and give you the opportunity to support my next artistic steps.

I have great plans for 2022 and can't wait to release more music and finally play my songs live. Unfortunatly all of this can't be done without cash , and since 10.000 spotify streams are barely enough to a have pizza with a coke I wanted to try something new.

As an independent artist I am grateful for every penny, that helps me create better music. I can't stress this enough. So thanks a lot for your help (:



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Emma Philine makes pop music for misfits. As an up-and-coming artist based in Leipzig, Germany her music is a unique mixture of modern RnB and experimental Pop with buckets of soul.

Through her lyrics she shares her personal story of lust, identity and anxiety. She creates an intimate portrait of a generation struggling with mental health in a perpetual state of self reflection.

This multidisciplinary project is a close collaboration with producer Zoetrop, who brings his skills in music production and artist management to help Emma Philine execute her creative vision.

New music is coming January 2022.