Dan Rose

Dan Rose

Welcome to the club and thank you for your support. There will be more from me here very soon, stay tuned! 

Welcome to the club

Dan Rose seit 19/06/2023
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"The borderland between classic folk centered around a good voice and an acoustic guitar - and a punk rock edge”

 - Capac (Danish music blog)

Solo artist Dan Rose is an exciting songwriter and performer, who puts his thoughts on things such as sustainability, climate action and a minimalistic approach to life, into songs using only his acoustic guitar and his characteristic DIY approach.

Rose’s songs could be called modern protest songs, and he is never afraid of sharing his feelings of inadequacy or his frustration about the state of the world with his listeners – always with a sense of down to earth charm and warm presence.

Rose has played more than 100 shows and performed his songs and stories in more than 10 countries.

"Dan Rose not only entertains with his music, but he’s a funny guy who likes to interact with the audience. He is a musician that knows who he is and where he’s going, and that confidence shows through when he is performing. If the opportunity arises, you should definitely invest an evening at one of his live performances.”

- Artists In The Spotlight (online music medium)