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Your favourite band gives you a look behind the scenes. Enjoy competitions, surveys, live streams and exclusive content. Here you are close to the action and the first to find out the latest news.

The inner circle

Become part of the Inner Circle! What should the new cover look like? Which city should not be missing on the next tour? Support your band not only financially, but also with your experiences as a fan.


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support for your favorite band

With Fanklub you are closer to your favourite band than ever before. Become part of the exclusive club, the closest community. Unlike the big social media, there are no algorithms between you and the bands in the fan club. You also support independent musicians in their desire to make a living from music.

Our misson

We offer the music, the artists and their fans a space for interaction. Our aim is to create valuable connections and fair conditions, even in times of algorithms and AI. The fan club is a space for artistic expression, sustainable artist-fan interaction and a safe space for unique experiences. Our mission is to maintain the close and human relationship between artist and fan and to use modern technologies to ensure fair and safe interaction.

You can make a difference!

As a member of your favourite band's fanklub, you support independent musicians in realising their dream of making a living from music. Whether it's €1.99 a month or more, every contribution helps the band to achieve financial security and earn money when they're not on tour.

Still some questions?

  • What is Fanklub?

    Fanklub is the new platform that brings fans and their favourite band together:
    For a membership fee of at least €1.99 (or more if you like - pay what you want), you can get behind-the-scenes and backstage insights. Competitions, photos, videos, live streams and a messenger bring you even closer to your favourite band. In return, your financial support enables the band to continue...

  • What to expect in Fanklub?

    Every band offers its fans different content.

    The type of content is varied: bands can share photos, videos (via YouTube or Vimeo embedding), songs (via Soundcloud or Spotify embedding) or links.
    Bands can also create competitions and start live streams: directly on the platform and of course without any hidden fees.

    There is also Fanpost, the direct messaging tool between bands and fans. 

    Fans receive an e-mail notification in their inbox when new posts are created or when a message is sent in Fanpost.

  • How much of my membership fee goes to the artist?

    The VAT and the fee of the respective payment service provider (paypal, credit card, etc.) will be deducted from your fan contribution.
    90% of the proceeds go directly to your favourite artist, 10% remain for the operation of the platform!

  • Are there different membership models to support their favourite bands?

    No. We have deliberately decided that there should be no difference in the fan club between fans with more or less money in their pockets.
    Every fan will have full access to the content of the fan club, regardless of whether they have paid the minimum fee (€1.99/month) or more.
    The bands have the option of filtering top payers, for example to thank them separately.

  • Is there a Fanklub App?

    Yes! You will find the Fanklub App in the App Stores:
    Apple App Store Google Play Store für Android

  • In which languages is Fanklub available?

    Fanklub is currently available in German and English. The language in which the bands communicate with their fans is of course entirely up to you.

  • How can I change the set language?

    At the bottom right of the homepage is the language switcher: 'de' stands for German, 'en' for English. Click on the respective icon to change the set language.
    In the app, the language is automatically adapted to the device setting: For example, if the end device is used in German, the fan club app automatically appears in German. For all other languages, the Fanklub app is displayed in English.

  • Is there a Fanklub card / ID?

    Yes, every fan receives a forgery-proof ID in the app, which can be used to get discounts at your favourite band's merch stand, for example, or to gain access to special events.

  • How can I cancel my Fanklub membership?

    Click on the "Fan profile" in the green bar and open the drop-down menu. Here you can select the "Memberships" section and click on "Terminate membership" for the respective band.

  • How can I change the amount of my membership fee?

    Click on the fan profile in the green bar and open the drop-down menu. Here you can select the "Memberships" section and "Change membership fee" for the respective band.
    A change from "annual" to "monthly" is unfortunately only possible after the end of the annual subscription period.

  • Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

    Simply write to - they will help you quickly and reliably.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions! We will answer all your questions, support you in setting up your club and give you tips and advice for a successful launch.