Let your fans carry you

And this is how it works:


Your Fanklub

This will be our homebase where we gather people who feel the passion like we do. Here we form a community in which we work together to take the band to the next level.


Your safe space

With Fanklub, we want to offer bands a safe and appreciative place. Here you decide what you want to share and when. Free from social media reach mania and content pressure. No haters, no trolls, no algorithms. Fanklub is a safe space for you and your fans, where real interaction with real people takes centre stage.

How To Play Fanklub

2 bands - 2 approaches

Financial support

Using the example of Black Sea Dahu

It's okay to talk about money

Black Sea Dahu share their experiences and challenges as independent musicians.
They give honest insights into their financial situation as a band.
In their message to the fans, they emphasise the importance and necessity of financial support.

What do Black Sea Dahu do in their fan club?

Raffle for guest list places
Exclusive video sessions
Show Insights
Life updates
Autoresponder on Instagram. DM only via Fanklub

How do the fans find out about it?

Black Sea Dahu regularly talk about their fan club on their social media channels.
They provide insights into the fan club's content and activities.
On stage, they talk about their fan club and the idea behind it.
Fan club flyers with a QR code that links directly to the fan club are distributed at concerts.

Fanklub as a safe space

Using the example of AYMZ

Why Fanklub?

AMYZ felt increasingly frustrated under the pressure of reach and content on social media.
The idea of quitting music came up in the meantime.
It was all about staging dramatic moments and following trends.
With her fan club, AMYZ is endeavouring to counteract this development and return to self-determination.

What does AYMZ do in your club?

Present demo songs
Merch preview
Exclusive tour announcement
Fanklub diary

A safe place

Fanklub offers AYMZ a protected space.
Here she can communicate freely with her fans.
The fan club enables a closer connection between AYMZ and her fans
Here she can communicate more authentically and personally.
The fan club fosters a more intimate atmosphere for the exchange of thoughts and ideas.
It is a place where fans receive exclusive content and insights.

Team player for bands

Support at eye level

The Fanklub team has been well established in the music scene for many years. We know the challenges you are facing and we will help you at eye level to use Fanklub successfully. Be it setting up the account, strategic considerations and content ideas, creating marketing campaigns or exclusive events.

The times are such for artists and their management that we can't rely on anything, especially when it comes to the major digital platforms. Quite apart from disproportionalities in financial matters and the use of data, what is missing above all is reliable, binding contact persons. We have this at Fanklub. For us, they are currently the best crowdsourcing platform in the music sector.

Malte Lackmann, LIVE ARTIST Management

Still some questions?

  • What is Fanklub?

    Fanklub is the new platform for bands and fans!
    As a band, DJ or musician, you have the opportunity to open your own fan club free of charge and in no time at all - as a website and app. All basic information such as live dates and videos can be viewed by everyone. Fans can access exclusive content such as live streams, news articles and prize draws by joining your fan club from €1.99 per month. As an all-in-one solution, the fan club combines the function of a classic band website with the features of crowdfunding models. With your own fan club, you will be able to generate a solid monthly income in the future. This is because 90% of the net fan contributions flow to you after deduction of taxes and transaction fees.

  • Who is Fanklub for? Can every band and every musician take part?

    We, the founders of the fan club, are passionate music lovers and want to create a new platform with the fan club where music takes centre stage. Unlike other platforms, only bands, DJs and musicians are allowed to register for the fan club! From absolute newcomers to established acts: You are all welcome in the fan club.
    Age group, genre and origin do not matter. The fan club stands for openness, diversity and tolerance. Sexist, racist, national socialist or homophobic content will not be tolerated.

  • Why do I need Fanklub?

    The precarious financial situation of bands is unfortunately a reality that is often overlooked. The income from streaming is usually not enough to pay their own living expenses, let alone cover the rent for the rehearsal room, the tour bus or even a complete album production. Added to this is the ever-increasing dependence on social media platforms and the associated pressure to produce content.

    With your fan club, you have the opportunity to build your own community together with your fans. Your fans can support you directly in the fan club with a small financial contribution. In return, they get access to your digital backstage. Share news first with your fans directly in the fan club. Start a livestream or raffle off guest list places. The fan club allows you to interact directly with your fans without the influence of algorithms or bots. The fan club also offers a protected environment without haters, trolls or unwanted advertising.

    You can generate a stable monthly income from your fans' contributions. Focus on your music and receive appreciation for your work without having to market yourself as an influencer. The fan club supports your independence as a musician/band and allows you to work independently.

  • How is the money distributed and how are the amounts paid out to the bands?

    The statutory VAT and the fee of the respective payment service provider (paypal, credit card, etc.) will be deducted from the fan contributions.
    10% of the contributions go to the fan club and 90% of the proceeds go to the bands!

    The bands simply enter their bank details and invoice address in the fan club backstage.
    The minimum payment amount is €20.
    The proceeds are paid out monthly by credit note and can be viewed and accessed in the backend.

  • In which languages is Fanklub available?

    Fanklub is currently available in German and English. The language switcher can be found at the bottom right of the homepage: 'de' stands for German, 'en' for English. Click on the respective icon to change the selected language.
    In the app, the language is automatically adapted to the device setting: For example, if the end device is used in German, the fan club app automatically appears in German. For all other languages, the fan club app is displayed in English.
    The language in which the bands communicate with their fans is of course entirely up to you.

  • Does it cost the bands anything to use Fanklub?

    No, using the fan club is completely free of charge for bands.
    On the contrary: the aim of the fan club is to enable bands to earn a regular income.

  • What opportunities for interaction are there between bands and fans? What content can bands share?

    Fanklub is comparable to a social media feed: Bands can create posts and fans can view and comment on them.
    There are many different types of posts: bands can share photos, videos (via YouTube or Vimeo embedding), songs (via Soundcloud or Spotify embedding) or links.
    Bands can also create competitions and start live streams: directly on the platform and of course without any hidden fees.

    There is also Fanpost, the direct messaging tool between bands and fans. The special feature for bands is that the target groups can be filtered so that, for example, a direct message can be sent to all fans from a specific city. The best (because it's the most direct and targeted) tool for getting the word out about an upcoming concert!

    Fans receive an e-mail notification in their inbox when new posts are created or when a message is sent in the fan mail.

    We are working on the further development of new features every day.
    If you are missing a certain function: Please write to us, we are looking forward to your feedback!

  • Is there also a Fanklub app?

    Yes, you can find the fan club app in the corresponding app stores:
    Apple App Store & Google Play Store Store for Android

    Fans receive an e-mail notification in their mailbox or a push notification on their smartphone when new posts are created or when a message is sent in the fan mail.


  • What does a membership cost for the fan?

    Fans pay a fee for each fan club membership: at least €1.99 per month, but can pay more on a voluntary basis - pay what you want!
    It is also possible to take out an annual membership, whereby fans pay at least €19.92 (i.e. a discount for ten months instead of twelve). The amount is also freely selectable for the annual membership - pay what you want!

  • Are there different membership models that fans can use to support their favourite bands?

    No. We have deliberately decided that there should be no difference in the fan club between fans with more or less money in their pockets.
    Every fan will have full access to the content of the fan club, regardless of whether they have paid the minimum fee (€1.99/month) or more.
    The bands have the option of sorting the members according to the amount of their contributions in order to thank them separately, for example.


  • How does it actually work with tax?

    The fan concludes a contract with Fanklub. The monthly proceeds are paid out to the bands on a monthly basis as a credit note and must be declared as profit and taxed by the band.

  • And how much effort does Fanklub mean for me in the end?

    Compared to the work ordered on the usual social media channels, it's child's play to play Fanklub. In Fanklub, there is no algorithm that needs to be fed with content. You determine the pace and frequency of your posts. At the moment, the average number of posts per band at Fanklub is 2-3 posts per month. However, you should invest time in telling your friends and fans about your fan club. Only if you talk about your fan club your fans will follow.

How to start your Fanklub

  • The first steps

    1. Even if there are no fans at the beginning: Create your first post in the fan club!
    Example: "Welcome to the club and thank you for your support. There will be more from us here very soon, stay tuned!"

    2. Let your friends, fans and followers know that your fan club exists and tell them about your it at your concerts and at the merch.
    Example: "Dear newsletter/Instagram/Facebook friends, we have founded a fan club! Become a member for 1,99 € / month and get exclusive insights into our band life. 90% of your contributions will go directly to us, a valuable support especially in these times!"
    Example: Distribute flyers at your shows with a QR code that links directly to your fan club.

    3. Your Fanklub strategy, your pace
    Unlike the usual social media platforms, you set the pace yourself at Fanklub. There is no algorithm that requires you to produce content every day. Find your own pace and the content that you enjoy and want to share with your fans. You will see: Fans will appreciate your authenticity and this energy will be transferred to you. For example, a monthly recurring format is advisable at the start. That way, fans know what to expect at the club and you get into a routine.
    Example: "Every month I share a demo with you. On Instagram & TikTok I only show an excerpt - if you want to see the whole video, follow me at Fanklub!"

    4. Create incentives to join your fan club.
    Example: "Join our fan club now. We'll send the first 50 fans a personalised greetings card as a thank you. We will also be giving away a signed test pressing of our new album to all fans who sign up by XX.XX!"


  • Set yourself goals

    For some, the fan club model may still be new and "unlearnt". Take the time to explain it to your friends and fans. Not everyone will join right from the start. Be patient, it will be worth it! Maybe you'll manage to get the first 10 fans to join in the next 3 months? Start with your family and friends, they will certainly want to support you!

  • Use your existing channels and activate your community

    Post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or in the newsletter why you have founded a fan club and why you would be happy if your fans became members.
    Examples: Direct financial support for your art / safe space for everyone who is really interested in the band / the social media channels are no longer fun and prevent organic reach / ...
    Explain to your followers what they can expect from your fan club.
    Tell people about your fan club at your concerts and at the merch. Distribute flyers at your shows with a QR code that links directly to your fan club.

  • Regular formats

    Recurring formats help you to avoid having to think about what you want to share with your fans every week. This provides structure and also encourages fans to come to the club regularly.

    A few inspirations:
    - Rehearsal day: Take your fans to a rehearsal once a month! Via livestream, photos or video clips of the funniest moments and good sessions.
    - Weekly fan mail: Maybe you'd like to share what's been on your mind this week or what you've been working on every Sunday evening? Or you post a song every week that has accompanied you over the past few days?
    - Behind The Lyrics: A typical case of: Fans are keenly interested, but it's too in-depth for platforms like Instagram or TikTok. What inspired you to write the lyrics? Start a discussion with your fans in the comments.
    - Raffle: By using the raffle feature, you are signalling to your fans that their membership of the fan club is worthwhile! You could regularly give away a small merch item, concert tickets or a private video call.

  • Livestream

    At Fanklub it is possible to go live with just one click, without detours and directly via the platform! A great tool for staying in direct contact with your fans:
     - Living room concert: a special fan moment even without a lot of equipment. To encourage fans to join the fan club, you could start the stream on Instagram and continue the second half exclusively at Fanklub.
     - Q&A: Fans can ask questions during the livestream using the comment function. Maybe you play a song on the guitar at the end? Also well suited as a recurring format!
     - Live from the rehearsal room: Simply set up a mobile phone camera in the rehearsal room and let your fans follow the session. Maybe you have an idea what the new song could be called?

  • Behind The Scenes

    Get into dialogue with your fans and let them be part of the creative process. And if you like, share insights with them that you can only learn about in your fan club:

    - Get to know us: Share fun facts about the band & crew that only a few people know.
    - Tutorials: I'll show you how to play our new song on the guitar!
    - Chats: Share funny chats from the band group.
    - Backstage: What is your ritual before going on stage? What should not be missing backstage?
    - Behind the scenes: How was the music video made? Maybe there are pictures or short videos from the shoot?
    - Artwork: Let your fans vote: Which cover design do you like better?
    - Setlist: You get to decide: Which song should not be missing from the next show?

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions! We will answer all your questions, support you in setting up your club and give you tips and advice for a successful launch.

→ kontakt@fanklub.com

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