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our vision

We want to enable bands
to make a living from their music.

Our vision is to make musicians less dependent on traditional sources of income such as unfairly distributed streaming revenue. By enabling direct fan communication, which was previously provided free of charge, bands will finally become more self-determined and have planning security for their creative work.

your safe space

We want to offer bands a safe, nurturing place for them and their communities.

We oppose algorithms, bots and stock market-oriented interests with real interaction of real people. Fanklub is a safe space for all bands of any genre and any size. We stand for openness, diversity and tolerance. Racist, sexist and any kind of discriminatory content will not be tolerated.

support at eye level

We run Fanklub for and with you and because we understand you.

The Fanklub team has been anchored in the music scene for many years. We know the challenges you face and we help you to use Fanklub successfully on an equal footing. Be it setting up your account, creating marketing campaigns or exclusive events.

The Fanklub team


Sebastian Król

Andi Jantsch

Arne Thamer

Artist Relations

Marc Feldmann

Eric Landmann

Urs Middelhauve

Florian 'Böde' Böhlendorf


Christoph Priglinger

Tamay Tanc

Stefan Simrock

Charlyn Schulze

Andreas Hirsch

more information

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions!

→ kontakt@fanklub.com

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