Ian Fisher


Ian Fisher left his home state of Missouri and moved to Europe, forever changing his life and his music. With songs that combine an international lyrical perspective and a world-traveler’s musical influences with Americana roots, Fisher has remained on the road ever since emigrating, penning over one and a half thousand songs while also playing hundreds of concerts around Europe, North America, and Africa. His thirteen albums have earned him praise from outlets like Rolling Stone — who have described him as one of the new Americana artists you need to know and his music as "half Americana and half Abbey Road-worthy pop”.



Raffle: Win a Drawing for St. Nick's Day

Hey Friends,

I hope that this message finds you well.  My friends at Fanklub and I are running a little raffle for St. Nick's Day.  If you wanna win a hand drawn picture from me, myself, and I, then enter to play.  I appreciate the klein aber fein group of you folks that support me on here.  Thanks again for your interest in my music!  

Warm greetings,


P.S.  The picture attached to this message is just an example.  I'll draw something new for you on the 6th!

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