Become a team member and join the ANTITYPE task force!

All members get a signed CD of our album "Eternally"!

This will be our homebase where we gather people who feel the passion like we do. Here we form a community in which we work together to take the band to the next level. This is based on two fields:

A) Teamwork: 

Together we will carry out promotion actions and well-coordinated marketing activities. You will get the appropriate assets and necessary guidelines how to use them effectively. This way, you help us to boost the regular promotional measures and increase their impact.

B) Financial support:

In addition we also need the funds to keep the machine running without having the budget of a big record label. Even small amounts of money can be used in a clever way to push our marketing (Youtube, Spotify…) and let more people know about us and our music. So if you don't have the time to actively participate in our actions, you can still help us with a small monthly contribution.

We know we ask for a lot. This is not for everyone, only for those who are true antitypes.

We're in the middle of an uphill struggle against the algorithms of the big music platforms and you can help us succeed, either way. If you feel that this is the right place for you, become a team member and join the ANTITYPE task force!

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ANTITYPE seit 25/09/2022
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Get access to all exclusive posts from ANTITYPE!

Get access to all exclusive posts from ANTITYPE!

Get access to all exclusive posts from ANTITYPE!

Get access to all exclusive posts from ANTITYPE!



ANTITYPE bridge the gaps between grunge, Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park whilst injecting their musical roots into the current zeitgeist.

Over the summer 2022 the new hope of alternative rock released 5 singles that showcased ANTITYPE's great craftsmanship - picking the best moments from 90s and 2000s rock history and transforming them into fresh, modern ideas.

After the confident start with Coldplay's "Higher Power", which became a long-running airplay favourite on European radio stations, the band put pent-up anger and fear to music on "Freaking Me Out", bursting with energy and drive. Followed by "Drowning" and "Reasons" and combining lyrics that venture deep below the emotional surface with a lethal punch of dirty rock production, ANTITYPE put a bold final point under their first season of releases and present their debut album "Eternally".

This extraordinary band is made up of experienced road dogs, who don't let up and know full well that being in a rock band isn't always all sunshine.

In addition to Keplinger, the multi-platinum songwriter, the band features the

expressive vocals of lead singer Andreas Ohnhaus, drummer Jörn Schwarzburger, who has played more than 1500 shows with revered musicians such as Cher and JR Blackmore, and bassist Christian Hon Adameit, a bona fide onstage force of nature. The combined result has that indefinable X-factor, the ammunition for the international airplay hits, the big bang of the future.