Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor

Grunge / Surf Rock band from Zürich, Switzerland

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Zürich, Switzerland based Garage Rock four-piece Annie Taylor initially came into existence in 2017 releasing two singles 'Partner in Crime' and 'Wasted Youth', before taking themselves on a tour of Italy, France and Switzerland. It was while settling down to record their debut EP ‘Not Yours!’ that the core members vocalist and guitarist Gini Jungi and bassist Michael Mutter brought on board the guitar of Tobias Arn and drums of Jan Winkler.


The addition of the two new members shifted the band’s sound away from the rock-tinged pop of their early releases, instead drenching it in a heavier psychedelic wash, gaining the band comparisons to Wolf Alice, Warpaint or early Hole. 


The debut album 'Sweet Mortality' encapsulates perfectly the band’s self description as “grunge psychedelic-rock”, whilst expanding the band’s sound into other territories. Every time it looks like a song is about to go over the brink into full wig-out, the band’s restless and sharp songwriting sensibilities cut through. It’s a record as seeped in pop as it is in psychedelia, and ends up at a beautiful mid-point.


According to singer and guitarist Jungi the meaning behind title of the album can be explained as follows:

“Sweet Mortality is about realising how fragile life is and appreciating a beautiful moment.”


With previous live dates supporting L.A. WITCH, Sunflower Bean, Sugar Candy Mountain and FEWS already under their belts as well, the band are already a potent live force.