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AŸA (Avia Shoshani) is a self-taught singer-songwriter, producer & artist based in Berlin.

Her composition combines a unique twist on her Moroccan and Yemeni roots with contemporary pop and r&b melodies - She calls it "Arab'n'b" !

Growing up in an environment of political and personal crisis,

AŸA had no alternative but to put her struggles into her musical storytelling, and she has so much to say. In each and every performance, AŸA demonstrates a wide range of experience, consistently delivering one-of-a-kind live adventures - taking audiences along for a very honest, but magical journey. She found her voice while performing on the biggest world stages including Eurovision, arenas filled with hundreds of thousands of people, tv shows, clubs, circuses, theaters, star observatories, and more

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AŸA seit 17.07.2023
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AŸA´s journey in Berlin started in 2017 as she performed on her first successful headline, She releases her first English tracks between 2020- 2021, produced by Lukas Thielecke and herself, parallel co-writing, performing and releasing music with many diverse artists from Europe, EUA and Israel.

In December 2021 her live performance "Let Me Go" broadcasted on ARTE TV in Paris & her single "Wondergirl" won "Listen to Berlin" awards.

On March 2023, AŸA presented successfully her brand new four-track EP, “USED” written & composed in Berlin by Kristine Bogan, Ido Poleg, Kurtis Wells, Johnny Kulo, Gavriel, and AŸA herself at the iconic Kesselhaus .

On stage, AŸA enchanted with haunting vocals and live cinematic visuals featuring silver medal-winning aerialist, Tim Kriegler, echoing her inner world in a physical space & the powerful duo dancers Astan & OOB KA (Sevdaliza, Kelvyn colt )

Accompanied by 14 musicians & top independent Berlin creators

Musical Director & Double-bassist Haggai Cohen Milo (Omer Klein Trio)

String Arranger Aviv Koren

Piano & Keys Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy)

Percussion Eric Owusu (Jembaa Groove)

Drums Felix Lehrmann (Sarah Connor)

Saxophone Ori Jacobson and more